Match Facts Menu
Supported data types.

Accessing Match Facts Menu.

Match Facts Menu opening page.

Navigating within Match Facts Menu.


Player Facts



Match Facts Menu is VSportens tool for registering match facts.

Supported data types.

Following type of facts can be registered by using Match Facts Menu: start time, place, referee, attendance, status, scorers (with score time or number of goals), goal type, goal comments, goal odds, assists, match analyse (free text), other facts (free text), team line-up, predefined events like yellow/double-yellow/red cards and player shifts.


Accessing Match Facts Menu.

Access to the Match Facts Menu is granted via VSportens match list. Within a match list the user has to select a match and then press the Match Facts button in the toolbar or press CTRL-F on a row in the match list.


Match Facts Menu opening page (Facts-tab).


Navigating within Match Facts Menu.

There are the following shortcuts within the menu:

CTRL-G, moves focus to the goal scorers part of the menu

CTRL-P, moves focus to the period results table

CTRL-U, moves focus to the attendance field

CTRL-R, moves focus to the referee field

CTRL-E, applied within a player name cell will open the Player Facts menu

In addition to the shortcuts above (starting with CTRL-key) there are shortcuts begining with ALT-key. However these shortcuts are language dependent. For the english version the following shortcuts are valid:

ALT-F, moves focus to the Facts-tab

ALT-E, moves focus to the Events-tab

ALT-O, moves focus to the Other Facts-tab

ALT-T, moves focus to the Free Text-tab 

ALT-S, moves focus to the Settings-tab.

The figure above is showing the most important shortcut commands within the Facts-Tab. 

Data changed in the Match Facts menu will take effect first after the user quits the menu (with a confirmation of the changes) or presses the Store-icon.

The match status can be changed to any predefined status. 

BLOCKED status means that the match result and facts will be stored in the database but the data will neither effect the standings table (that is the facts will not be calculated in into the table) nor will be exported. PLAYING status means that the result of the match will not be calculated in into the standings table, however the result and facts can be exported with an appropriate comments.



The Lineups-tab is to used to register actual line-ups of the playing teams. The players are lined up by setting different numbers in the column SortNr. Players with the same number are members of the same "line" starting with the goal keeper who should always get sortnr equal 1. The next group gets number 2 and so on. On export the players within the same group will be output with a comma between.Groups will be delimited by a semicolon, dash  or any other string. The GRADE-column can used to sort players within the same group otherwise the players will be sorted in the alphabetical order by default. In-shift and Out-shift columns should be used to register time of player shifts. The player which is comming in should get only the in-shift time (in minutes) registered. There should be corresponding out-shift time registered on another player in the team. If there are more than one shifts within the same minute addition column (shiftnr) should be used to identify the pairs of players exchanging each other.


Player Facts

As mentioned before, under some circumstances there is a need for adding or removing players or modification of player names during registering match facts. The tool which helps the user to manipulate with player names is Player Facts Menu.

 There are two ways to open the Player Facts menu. The first one is by clicking CTRL-E (in some situations twice) or by clicking on a team name in the Match Facts Menu's header.

Clicking on a team name will bring up the following face of the Player Facts Menu.

On the left hand side of the menu there is a player list. The user can shift between the players by clicking on a player name in the list.

Any field can be modified (incl. first and last name). To store the changes the user has to press CTRL-Z (or the diskette-icon in the toolbar) and then confirm the changes.

To remove a player the user has to use the function File-->Remove Player (and the facts).

To add a new player the user can use the function File-->Insert new player

The Player Facts Menu has also a search function which can be used to find all players in the database matching a certain name (first or last name).


By clicking CTRL-E within a player name cell in the Facts-tab will bring Player Facts Menu already loaded with the facts for the player.