VSporten/CardArchive is a facility within VSporten/SingleSports (Rel. 3_0_1) for quick registration of results, records, championships, positions and many other events usually stored in older types of archiving methods like card archive.

The CardArchive facility is a fully integrated part of VSporten/SingleSports. This means that elements of the CardArchive are tracked in the Active-tab of the SingleSports desktop as well as they can be added into the Favorites-tab. Also VSportens query  tool is fully supporting retreiving results stored by the VSporten/CardArchive tool. 

Below, the reader can find examples of how the VSporten/CardArchive may be used within VSporten/SingleSports.


CardArchive and VSporten/SingleSports Desktop

The CardArchive is implemented as a season folder within the Vsporten Desktop.

Results are stored in the card by card manner. Each card is handled the same way as an ordinary tournament event. It means, that a card is tracked in the Active Events List.

One or more card-events can be inserted into a card-tournament. A frequently accessed card-tournament can be easily appended to the Favorites-tab in the VSporten/SingleSports Desktop.



Adding results into the CardArchive

Adding results into the CardArchive is a simple procedure. Firstly, a card-tournament need to be created. The name of a card should be used as the name of the tournament. At the same time the user has to select the suitable sports type (i.e. swimming), discipline/division (ex: crawl 50 m ) and gender (ex: M- for men). Round and event names in the CardArchive can be simply set to the default name (-) or any other suitable names (like for instance Final).

 When the table grid apears - the system is ready for registration of the results from the card. Normaly, one line on a card correspond to one line in the grid. However, there might be exceptions.

In the example above, the card contains best of the year results withing a swimming discipline (50 m crawl men). Starting from 1992 only World Records are registered.

The example below shows results from a card with European records in a swimming discipline since 1969 being registered in the CardArchive.


The example below, shows the results from the card with matches 'Switzerland against other countries in ishockey' registered.


CardArchive and VSporten/Query

All results registered by the CardArchive Edit tool can be retrieved by the VSporten/Query tool. The example below shows a result of a query where a user is searching for all European Records in swimming by Hungarian swimmers.


Another example shows how to retrieve Switzerland against other countries matches by using VSporten/Query:




More examples  showing other types of the cards registered in VSporten/CardArchive are to come on this site soon.